The future with technology is by far advancing very quickly, And of course it is changing with the Gaming world. Here is the Microsoft HoloLens.

With Microsoft HoloLens you’ll see the Minecraft world, and gaming, in a whole new way. Untethered and in mixed reality, nearly any surface can become a portal. You will navigate and manipulate the Minecraft world with gestures and voice, and spatial mapping will enable a more dynamic playspace when your room and its physical objects become part of the game. Get a glimpse of the innovative new possibilities for Minecraft.

See your world in new ways.

Microsoft HoloLens is made up of specialized components that make holographic computing possible. Learn more about the hardware that enables you to create and interact with holograms in your world.

Next-generation technology enabled by Windows 10.

Windows 10 is the first platform to support holographic computing with APIs that enab ... Read more »
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By Martin Robinson Published 12/06/2015

Sony goes into this year's E3 on the crest of the same wave it's been riding ever since Jack Tretton's killer blows a couple of years back, when the company didn't so much grasp victory as sneakily pocket it while the Xbox One floundered in the turbulent twilight of Don Mattrick's reign. Microsoft has since made up for its early missteps and then some, cutting the Xbox One's price and unleashing wave after wave of big-hitting exclusive games as the console has been dynamically realigned, but the momentum has remained firmly with Sony all the same. The 22 million consoles shifted in the first 18 months of the PlayStation 4's life has already laid down a significant marker.

Sony has confidence, then, and it's perfectly entitled to it. Confidence enough that its biggest hitter, Uncharted 4, has been pushed back to early next year, allowing Nathan Drake's foremother Lara Croft the limelight to herself in the Xbox One's (time ... Read more »
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