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Gadget list
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Ammo box
CThe Ammo box can resupply ammunition for all weapons and gadgets in the game, including rockets, AT mines, C4 explosives, Claymore, and more. However, it takes longer to resupply grenades and explosives to teammates. The Ammo box never runs out of ammo, and can continuously resupply teammates during the entire match. however, only one ammo box can be placed at a time.

Medkit rewards players with +15 points each time they heal a teammate. The points are awarded as long as the teammate is being healed. There are special bonus points for healing squad members. Only one medkit can be deployed on the battlefield at a time, and it will stay active and heal players until another is deployed. In addition to the Medkit, the Assault player can equip the Defibrillator as a secondary gadget.

The Automated External Defibrillator (AED), also known as Shock Paddles, have been with the series since BF2, where they were operated by the Medic class. In addition to the “Defib”, the Assault class also has access to the Medit, which heals teammates. Both gadgets can be carried by the player at the same time. Reviving a player awards as many points as killing an enemy: 100.

Claymore usually kills the enemy instantly when they pass in front of the mine. However, the enemy can move past the mine if they’re walking slowly or crawling. The Claymore is very fragile and can be destroyed by gunfire and grenades. The M18 Claymore has to be unlocked and can only be used by the Support class in the game.

 Repair tool
repair tool can be used to repair all vehicles in the game, including aircraft such as jets and helicopters. The repair tool has been with the Battlefield series from the beginning, and has been used in the form of a wrench (BF2), and drill (Bad Company 2). Players can also use the repair tool in Battlefield 4 to remove enemy explosives such as AT mines and C4 explosives by holding the reload ® button.

 C4 Explosives
C4 explosives can destroy most vehicles. Usually 3 packs are needed to destroy heavy vehicles such as tanks and APCs, while 1-2 will disable the vehicle (depending on their armor and health). The C4 explosives are part of the Battlefield 4 unlocks, and can only be unlocked and used by the Recon class in the game.


MAV, also known as the RQ-16 T-Hawk in real life, is a small, portable UAV used by the US military for recon missions. Just like in the game, the MAV does not carry any weapons, and is used to spot enemies, explosives, and other points of interest. It has a range of about 8 miles, and can run for up to 40 minutes at a time. The RQ-16 T-Hawk MAV is so small it can be carried in a backpack by a single soldier. The MAV uses the same control gadget as the remotely operated Mortar, and the Engineer gadget EOD Bot.

 EOD Bot
When deployed on the ground, the Battlefield 4 EOD Bot is controlled remotely just like the MAV UAV, and has an on-board torch which can be used to repair friendly vehicles, or damage enemy vehicles. The EOD Bot can also be used to kill an enemy with the blow torch, and it can also arm MCOM stations in the Rush game mode.

When deployed, the Battlefield 4 T-UGS will transmit a “beep” when an enemy is spotted, and the enemy will appear on the minimap. Since the sensor will emit a beep, any enemies in the area will hear it. The T-UGS can easily be destroyed with just a few bullets.

 Motion Sensor
 Motion Sensor, when deployed, can detect enemies within a radius of 25 meters for about 20 seconds. Any detected enemy will appear to be “spotted” on the minimap. However, just like the T-UGS motion sensor, enemies who crouch or are prone will not be detected. Players can carry up to 3 motion sensors at a time, and only the Recon class can use it.

 Radio beacon
The Battlefield 4 radio beacon can be placed on most surfaces on the map, and will emit a continuous beep as long as it’s deployed. This
means that any nearby enemies will be able to hear it and destroy it.
Therefore, it’s always a good idea to place the radio beacon some
distance away from the capture points or the main combat area. This will
also minimize the chance of an enemy camping in front of the radio
beacon and spawn killing players as they appear.

The SOFLAM first has to be deployed, where after the player can remotely control it and designate targets. Assist points are awarded for each designated target. Once a target has been marked with the Battlefield 4 SOFLAM, other players using rocket launchers such as the Javelin, can easily lock on and fire. Helicopters and Jets using a special type of missile can also lock on the target.

 AT mine
Since it takes two or more M15 AT mines to destroy a vehicles, especially large tanks, it’s always best to place at least 2-3 mines in close proximity. Since the AT mine is dark, it stands out when placed on light road surfaces. Therefore, always look to place the mine on darker spots on roads and terrain.

AA mine
Players can deploy two AA mines at a time, each AA can fire one missile before disappearing. The Battlefield 4 AA mine is rather weak — it takes two AA mines to disable a scout helicopter, which won’t be destroyed unless further damage is done. Therefore, the AA mine is a great complimentary weapon to Engineers who play as anti air in general, using the Stinger or Igla. 

The Battlefield 4 M26 MASS (Modular Accessory Shotgun System) does not fire grenades like the M320 and the XM25 — it only fires 12 gauge rounds. Although there are explosive 12 gauge rounds available, called Frag rounds.

The standard hand grenade which every player starts out with. It’s the standard HE (high explosives) grenade that’s very effective against
enemy infantry, and can cause damage to light armored vehicles as well.
The M67 HE grenade has been standard in the series since BF2.

The M224 mortar gadget fires 60mm mortars — both high explosives and smoke rounds, and is highly effective against both infantry and vehicles. The mortar has a 5 shot supply as standard, which takes a while to reload. The accuracy of the Battlefield 4 Mortar depends on how fast the player fires the mortar. If shells are fired quickly, it will be less accurate. If they’re fired slowly, they will be more accurate. The player can see on the mini map and the gadget where the mortar impacts.

There are different versions of the Battlefield 4 Knife, from the standard combat knife (based on the KA-BAR), to one that’s exclusive to Premium members, to a Shank, which is a smaller, lighter knife.

There are 3 main types of Battlefield 4 Scopes. They range from no-zoom, to medium zoom, to high power optics. All assault rifles, SMGs, and carbines can be equipped with the majority of scopes in the game, with the exception of the most powerful scopes, which can only be used by sniper rifles. Scopes are unlocked on a per-weapon basis, like most other gadgets.

The Battlefield 4 3GL is based on the Metal Storm 3GL, and can be loaded with 3x 40mm grenades which can be fired in quick succession. The
player carries a total of 6x 40mm grenades. The 3GL can be unlocked by
completing the “Multi Tool” assignment, where players have to get 10
kills with udnerslung grenade launchers and underslung Dart launchers.

Phantom Bow
Unlocking the Phantom Bow in Battlefield 4

The Battlefield 4 Phantom Bow is unlocked first by completing the Phantom assignments, including the Phantom Operative assignment. Afterwards, the player must get to the “Phantom room” in the Hangar 21 map. Finally, the player must be accompanied by three other teammates, each using the Phantom camouflage and dog tags. If all requirements are met, the elevator will activate and bring players down to the room, where a force field will block the Bow. To disable the force field, players will have to use the following code at the keypad: 1290 429 397648 970.
Information Library » BATTLEFIELD 4 - PEGI 18 » Gadgets » Gadget list
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