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Battlefield 4 tanksThe Battlefield 4 tanks are based on real world tanks in service at various armies across the globe. Tanks in Battlefield 4 will include the main battle tanks from the various factions, such as the M1 Abrams for the US faction, and the T-90 for Russia, and the Type 99 for China. These two will be the main Battlefield 4 tanks. A sub section of tanks includes tank destroyers such as the M1128. Like all other vehicles, the tanks feature Battlefield 4 unlocks as well. Tanks are generally considered the most powerful vehicles in the game, regardless of what type of map is played.
Battlefield 4 tanks list

The selection of tanks in Battlefield 4 is limited due to the fact that there are only a few main battle tanks in the world suited for the game. However, Battlefield 4 will feature additional, lighter tanks as well. Tanks will have their own unlocks, such as different types of ammo, extra armor protection, smoke screen, and more.

Battlefield 4 M1 Abrams
Battlefield 4 T-90
Battlefield 4 Type 99
Battlefield 4 M1128
Battlefield 4 Sprut-SD
Battlefield 4 HT-95 Levkov
Information Library » BATTLEFIELD 4 - PEGI 18 » Vehicles » Tanks
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