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How And What
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Scan UAV
- Highlights all the enemy targets in an area for your teammates. Their positions appear on the players’ mini maps.
This ability has a very short cooldown, so you’ll want to use it as much
as possible, specifically in hotspots around objectives where it will
help your team.

EMP UAV - The EMP is a counter to the Scan UAV. Using it will block intel in an area temporarily, allowing you to mask the
movements of your team from the enemy commander. The cooldown is longer
for the EMP, so you’ll have to pick your battles with this one. Blocking
an objective as a large amount of your team goes in to capture it would
be a smart move.

High Value Target - If an enemy attains a killstreak of 6 or more, they become a High Value Target. Selecting them and
marking them as a HVT will paint a giant target on their head for your
team. You should keep an eye out for enemies with an orange box around
them to use this.

Evac Order - Selecting an area and calling an Evac Order will warn teammates in that area of danger. This can be used in a
couple ways. For one, you can warn of a large enemy presence or an
incoming vehicle. The more direct use is to counter the other team’s
commander if they launch a cruise missile, alerting your team to clear
the area.

Order - This is your basic order to direct a squad to an objective. Select a squad and then select an objective to use. One
thing to consider is that just because a squad leader is near an
objective doesn’t mean the rest of their squad is. You want to give
direction that is useful to the squad as a whole.

Infantry Scan - Initiates a scan for enemy soldiers that runs from the left side of the map to the right in a single pass
and marks infantry as it hits them. There’s no real strategy to using
this one other than making sure you use it regularly.

Vehicle Scan - Same concept as the Infantry Scan, but for enemy vehicles. This scan passes from the top of the map to the
bottom and should also be used as often as it is available.

Cruise Missile - You know those sniper roosts in some of the larger maps where 18 Recon guys set up with a spawn beacon and
just ruin everyone’s day? The Cruise Missile is the definitive answer to
that. It takes a long time to reach its target, but when it gets there
it causes quite a mess.

Gunship - The Gunship is an AC-130 that circles whichever objective you choose to deploy it on. Other players on your
team can spawn inside it and fire from the sky or use it as a parachute
drop point. It's best placed over an enemy held objective that your team
is pushing towards.

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Information Library » BATTLEFIELD 4 - PEGI 18 » Commander » How And What
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