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Information Library » CTE » Community Test Environment » CTE Prototypes – Patch #54 (162818)
CTE Prototypes – Patch #54 (162818)
crowdrummerDate: Thursday, 11-Jun-2015, 10:40 AM | Message # 1
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We’ve got a fix for the turrets – not only for high tickrate, but in general in this build.

Vehicle turrets have had smaller issues for a pretty long time now – with higher tickrates, these issues where really bubbled to the surface as we started seeing big differences in how the turrets moved under higher tickrates.

It led us to find some pretty old code where turrets where dampened incorrectly – and we fixed this.
This applies to all turrets - which includes stationary objects, and all seats of vehicles that does NOT show your soldier weapon basically.

The fix means that we can make sure turrets are not moving too fast (and balance a turrets power/damage based on how fast it can move) – but also that we need to revisit every turret in the game.

In this release, we have our initial values for the RUSSIAN TANK set to a place where we like them. Please give us feedback on how this tank handles in your opinion – both using a mouse, and using a controller!

We are currently not handling the threshold point in a graceful way (it needs to be filtered to feel “good” – probably taper off speed at the very top end of movement speed), try to keep this in mind when testing the max sensitivity using the mouse.

With this change we will also be able to add a vehicle sensitivity slider for console players – something that has been asked for quite a lot.

What we need help with here is two things:

How does the Russian Tank feel? Both main tank turret and the gunner position. Too high max speed, too slow?
Which turrets work well? Which work less well? (anything you can move and you are not on foot as a soldier, or have your primary weapon available is considered a turret).
We will go through all vehicles in the game, but we need your help to find the worst offenders!

Please post your findings in this thread:
Open Official Turret feedback thread

These are the changes made on the prototypes branch in this release:

Misc Updates
Flashbang now doesn’t blind dead people
Removing specular from cockpit interiors – we should now get better visibility in cockpits
Fixed missing shader (pink I beams) on Golmud Railway
A fix for the Battlelog plugin issue (for testing) is in this build.
High Tickrate Changes
Tweaked the activation threshold percentages for the Low Server Performance warning icons.
Turret Changes
Now correctly dampens AND limits turret movement. We have only “fixed” the Russian tank so far – let us know which turrets are too slow, too fast or feel iffy in general.

For general patch feedback, use the official reddit post:
Open Reddit Prototypes Feedback thread #54

For netcode/tickrate feedback – please use the official thread:
Open netcode/tickrate feedback

We have a subreddit dedicated to the CTE. Utilize this for general communication and bug reporting. Specific projects (like the Community Map) still will use the forums when needed.

To report a bug, open the subreddit push the “Report CTE Feedback/Bug” within: http://www.reddit.com/r/Battlefield_4_CTE/

For more information we refer to our wiki-page, that we constantly update to reflect what state our projects and prototypes are in:

Information Library » CTE » Community Test Environment » CTE Prototypes – Patch #54 (162818)
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