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Information Library » CTE » Community Test Environment » Initiative #3: CTE Prototypes – Patch #9 (154911)
Initiative #3: CTE Prototypes – Patch #9 (154911)
crowdrummerDate: Thursday, 04-Dec-2014, 11:06 PM | Message # 1
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Todays update does not contain the full integration from our second branch yet (sadly) – it’s taking a bit longer than expected.However – we got some really good new changes anyways – including a new skillbased Team balancer prototype! 
To re-iterate for any new readers, a Prototype on the CTE means we think we have a possible solution in need of lots of testing and
several updates/iteration before it could even be considered to be
Note: Anything we prototype risk getting cut & never released!
For instance – we might decide it’s not fitting for Battlefield, it’s too hard to understand, or plainly not worth it. 
Prototype 1: Attack Helicopter PhysicsWe have decided we like the new physics – alot. Enough to warrant spawning a new larger AIR prototype (Prototype 4: Core Air Gameplay).This means we lock the current helicopter threads and start over with this new goal! 
Prototype 2: “Headglitch” fixNo changes in this release. 
Prototype 3: Casual Competitive MatchmakingGOAL: We are looking at how other games are growing their competitive scene – and how simple it is
to find a game with like-minded people of similar skill-set to play with
in a controlled and ranked environment. 
THIS RELEASE: In this release we have a couple of changes to the Conquest Double Assault game mode.These are the changes in this release:
  • Fast ticket bleed now works on ConquestDA

  • Current layout:


Prototype 4: Core Air GameplayGOAL: Increase skill depth to all flying mechanics while still maintaining an approachable flight
model for all air vehicles. Includes re-tuning air and anti air weapons
to accommodate the new flying mechanics, and also more clearly define
roles of different aircraft types. 
THIS RELEASE: All helicopters now have their roll limiter removed (much like the initial Attack helicopter changes).
Jet turning physics have change drastically (For the ones in the know: 313 is dead!).
Stealth Jets now have limited afterburner.
Updside down damage of helicopter TV-missile issue is also fixed in this release. 

Prototype 5: Skill-based Team BalancingGOAL: Create a skill based team balancer that considers squads and friends and minimizes lopsided games
in our most popular game modes. 
THIS RELEASE: Today marks the first release of the new built in team balancer!
There are quite a few scripts to team balance servers out there (for PC
atleast) – but we think this is something that should be handled by the
game in a more graceful manner. In this release the balancer rebalances
at End of round and when new players join:
New players will be placed in the team where they are deemed most needed (this can lead to lop sided teams in terms of numbers – this is
ok).Team switching is now also handled by the team balancer, so at times you won’t be able to switch teams in the current setup.What is still missing (coming in future updates) is clear announcements to the players on what is going on (this will be coming in
future updates).We have plans to test Mid-round balancing as well, but we need to get the initial logic right before we start testing this.  

This release has more than prototype updates:
  • Squad Spawn 2.0: Fixed bug for multiple squad mates in the same vehicle
    This is currently an issue in the retail game as well
  • Hit indicator improvements
    Added Kill-hit type (killing bullet now gets an orange hit indicator by default)
    Also made color of hit indicator tweakable in options for: regular/small, head and kill.
  • Red dot sight improvements
    Special hi-res versions implemented for GEN4/PC (give us feedback on the “thickness” of these).
    (Hint: Next update will include scaling and alpha options for red-dot sights)

Obliteration Competitive
  • Added an alarm that triggers 5s before bomb detonates
  • Forced bomb drop when carrier tries to take the bomb back to home base
  • Added separate combat areas per team on all maps
  • Changed bomb drop message when taking bomb back to home base
  • Fixed issue with mapmarker in spectator – opt in.
  • Fix for bomb site interactions not updating properly when bomb is dropped, fixes bug where you could plant on your own bombsite
Information Library » CTE » Community Test Environment » Initiative #3: CTE Prototypes – Patch #9 (154911)
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