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Information Library » CTE » Community Test Environment » Initiative #3: CTE Prototypes – Patch #11 (155068) update
Initiative #3: CTE Prototypes – Patch #11 (155068) update
crowdrummerDate: Monday, 15-Dec-2014, 8:11 PM | Message # 1
Smaw Man
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Today we have something we actually haven’t had before – a patch to fix a gamebreaking bug (the chat bug).. Sorry we missed to release this
friday!Thanks for so quickly pointing this out and bearing with us, as the CTE is all about communication, no chat is a top level issue for us. CTE PROTOTYPES
To re-iterate for any new readers, a Prototype on the CTE means we think we have a possible solution in need of lots of testing and
several updates/iteration before it could even be considered to be
released.Note: Anything we prototype risk getting cut & never released!
For instance – we might decide it’s not fitting for Battlefield, it’s too hard to understand, or plainly not worth it. Prototype 2: “Headglitch” fix, Prototype 3: Casual Competitive MatchmakingPrototype 5: Skill-based Team BalancingNo changes in this release for these prototypes Prototype 4: Core Air GameplayGOAL: Increase skill depth to all flying mechanics while still maintaining an approachable flight
model for all air vehicles. Includes re-tuning air and anti air weapons
to accommodate the new flying mechanics, and also more clearly define
roles of different aircraft types. THIS RELEASE: With first pass Jets/Heli physics out there, on to step two – start looking at a first pass on weapons.Remember – this is a prototype (I am talking to you aviator boy/girl!) – and might all be subject to change. We need to get a first
pass in on _all_ parts of the Core Air Gameplay prototype before we
start iterating on the changes.We are going to be making alot of changes to air weapons and damage modifiers in particular. With these changes possibly not all being
released at once we wanted to warn you that there might be slight
imbalances in terms of air weapons in the near future until we have
touched all parts. THIS RELEASE: Todays update:
  • Increased manuverability of jets slightly (tighter turns possible)
  • Increased duration and cooldown of afterburners to 7:18

First pass on TV missiles
  • Reduced damage of the TV missile but haven’t yet changed its damage modifier (which we plan to)
  • FOV for TV missiles now aligned with attack helicopter launcher camera
  • Aligned TV missile launchers across attack helicopters. Launchers now have same FOV and angle of attack.
  • Reduced range of TV Missile by reducing time to live, adjusted screen flicker scripting to account for new time to live.
  • Changed reload logic for tv missiles and now only use a single launcher. Reduces high burst damage, trading it for more consistent
    damage over time.
  • Aligned TV Missiles and cameras on attack jets.

This release has more than prototype updates:
  • Obliteration Competitive Changes
    Fix for Squad Spawn not working
    Bumped up imminent bomb alarm 5s -> 8s
  • Testrange is back (really back this time)
    Button on the frontpage now works too! :)

We are in the process of looking for alternate third party solutions to the CTE forums that better suits the onslaught of feedback
and bug reports we are getting. In the meanwhile we have as you can see
cleaned up the forums significantly – and we will continue to improve
here until we can swap them out.
 To report a bug, open the forums and pick the proper forum and report within.
If you have feedback on a prototype, open the prototype forum and post
inside, and if you got general feedback not related to a specific
prototype – report it in the general thread.
Information Library » CTE » Community Test Environment » Initiative #3: CTE Prototypes – Patch #11 (155068) update
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