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Information Library » CTE » Community Test Environment » Initiative #3: CTE Prototypes (Patch #13 (155407) UPDATED)
Initiative #3: CTE Prototypes
crowdrummerDate: Thursday, 08-Jan-2015, 6:10 PM | Message # 1
Smaw Man
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To re-iterate for any new readers, a Prototype on the CTE means we think we have a possible solution in need of lots of testing and several updates/iteration before it could even be considered to be released.

Note: Anything we prototype risk getting cut & never released!
For instance – we might decide it’s not fitting for Battlefield, it’s too hard to understand, or plainly not worth it.

Prototype 2: “Headglitch” fix, Prototype 3: Casual Competitive Matchmaking, Prototype 5: Skill-based Team Balancing

No changes in this release for these prototypes

Prototype 4: Core Air Gameplay

GOAL: Increase skill depth to all flying mechanics while still maintaining an approachable flight model for all air vehicles. Includes re-tuning air and anti air weapons to accommodate the new flying mechanics, and also more clearly define roles of different aircraft types.

THIS RELEASE: A couple of railgun tweaks (more to come soon)

In todays update:

Railgun Update: impulse reduced, blast radius decreased, damage reduced

As you probably know, we changed the way the Medic Bag worked in the Fall patch. While inline with out goal, we need to revisit this and similar systems to create a coherent player experience.

Consider this list our goal – in this patch we get closer to having this – but we are looking for your feedback now!

When looking to balance in combat disables (as we have named it internally due to lack of imagination :)), we want to make sure we make this mechanic consistent across the board, and these are the items and systems we’ve identified being effected by this:

Health (Medic bag, First aid pack, Auto-heal, Field upgrade vehicle heal aura)
Ammo (Ammo bag, Ammo pack, Field upgrade vehicle ammo aura)
Spawn (Squad spawn)

These are the states we are working with:

Out of Combat
0.0 suppression value (or decaying below the threshold)
In Combat
Being hit or bullets passing nearby
Increasing Suppression
Being hit or bullets passing nearby, possible before the minimum threshold
In Suppression
Above the minimum suppression threshold
Suppression Decaying (Exiting Combat)
Suppression level actively declining, regardless of thresholds

The current state of the health disable (Medic bag in particular) has a couple of issues, it’s too easy to get suppressed enough to have the heal disabled, and takes too long to turn back on as well.
With this in mind, these are our proposed changes to how we want it to work once finished:

Auto heal (personal)
Disabled when damage is received, Disabled when in suppression.
No real changes here, this is the way Auto heal has been working always. Of course only affected if game mode/server setting enables it.
First aid pack (Small pack)
Disabled when damage is received.
We want the small pack to be the offensive pack you pickup before going on the offensive.
Medic bag (Large pack)
Disabled for X seconds when in suppression or taking damage.
We want the large bag to act as the “safe haven” to be used after a fight occurred, or in a safe place (you can still be in combat behind low cover, place them out of combat!).
Field upgrade Sphere (in vehicle)
Disabled for X seconds when suppression is increased.
We want to align these with the med bag for consistency.
Note: First pass tuning would be to match the X seconds exactly to suppression decay so they start working again the second suppression levels start decaying at all. It should not wait for zero suppression.

Again, for consistency the goal here is to align how health and ammo works, and make these new timings correlate so a player can learn what to expect when coming out of In Combat state.

More information on specific ammo related changes in coming updates!

The intent here is to minimize the issue where an enemy spawns on the player you are actively engaging in a firefight. Where a mid fight reload (of the faster kind) won’t mean more enemies spawn if you keep engaging the enemy post reload.

Blocked for X seconds when suppression is increased.
Note: First pass tuning would be to match the X seconds exactly to suppression decay so they start working again the second suppression levels start decaying at all. It should not wait for zero suppression.

These are changes in this patch:

No more Santas!
As the holidays are over (for this time around), the reindeer, heads and other things have been reverted to normal again – until next time!
Netcode fixes
Potential fix for the “wrecks” issue: This will need specific testing, and we are going to try and break it in the CTE-playtest this week
Increased High frequency cone rate to 128k from 100k (should improve this slightly)
In Combat disable changes
Fixed the bug where healing a soldier was resetting the last damage timer in his health component.
Fixed the deploy screen spawn on soldier suppression check to test for real active suppression (over the threshold) instead of just testing the suppression value building up.
Decreased the delay for spawn deploy once no longer in combat to 1.5s.
Medic Bag data set to check for 1.5 seconds of last damaged time.
Changed the supply spheres to test soldier last damaged time instead of the suppression directly (real active suppression already zeroes the last damage time so that case is still handled).
Obliteration Competitive Changes
Competitive radar sweep was never getting activated. Set to 10m
Operation locker: Added more cover to outside area of prison
Capture playername when bomb is armed in case the bomb armer disconnects early. Fixes empty string in scoring summary.
Fix bomb detonator names not showing up on spectator late join
Hide scoring summary text if no one detonates bomb
Bomb can only be dropped in the crouched or standing position
Bomb can be picked up again after 1.5s if carrier drops the bomb (originally it was 0.5s before the bomb was ready to be picked up)
Disabled 10% speed penalty when carrying the bomb on competitive only.
Fix for 1P light not synced up to when bomb carrier is in delayed beacon mode.

As of 7th of January release (to fix Hammerhead crash) contained these changes:

Made SRAW more nimble (About 40% more)
Increased viewable area for SRAW Launcher
Added pause screen entitlement tool (top right corner icons)
Squad Obliteration changes
Do not render 3D bomb icon when bomb is picked up for Obl Comp. Want to get some feedback here! (/Whitewalrus)


We are in the process of looking for alternate third party solutions to the CTE forums that better suits the onslaught of feedback and bug reports we are getting. In the meanwhile we have as you can see cleaned up the forums significantly – and we will continue to improve here until we can swap them out.
Information Library » CTE » Community Test Environment » Initiative #3: CTE Prototypes (Patch #13 (155407) UPDATED)
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