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Information Library » CTE » Community Test Environment » Initiative #3: CTE Prototypes (– Patch #15 (155508))
Initiative #3: CTE Prototypes
crowdrummerDate: Sunday, 11-Jan-2015, 8:08 AM | Message # 1
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To re-iterate for any new readers, a Prototype on the CTE means we think we have a possible solution in need of lots of testing and several updates/iteration before it could even be considered to be released.

Note: Anything we prototype risk getting cut & never released!
For instance – we might decide it’s not fitting for Battlefield, it’s too hard to understand, or plainly not worth it.

Prototype 2: “Headglitch” fix, Prototype 3: Casual Competitive Matchmaking, Prototype 5: Skill-based Team Balancing

No changes in this release for these prototypes

Prototype 4: Core Air Gameplay

GOAL: Increase skill depth to all flying mechanics while still maintaining an approachable flight model for all air vehicles. Includes re-tuning air and anti air weapons to accommodate the new flying mechanics, and also more clearly define roles of different aircraft types.

THIS RELEASE: Continuing work with the damage revamp and starting to look at MAA.

In todays update:

Damage Multiplier tweaks
Blast damage on jet guns can now damage soldiers (was being zeroed out before)
GAU better vs helicopters
Brought 25mm and 30mm damage closer together vs ground. (25mm buff, 30mm nerf)
Rockets should destroy props correctly now
Lased SRAW and LAW can now disable helis and kill jets
Added damage falloff out to 50 meters (no longer fixed damage)
Increased near damage
Increased velocity of 20mm
Increased range of 20mm
Adjust spread increase and decrease so it is no longer a fixed value, spraying will reduce accuracy
Added a minimum spread to 30mm
Increased looking angle to 80 from 65 (Closer to real life values, prevents jets from circling an AA that can’t engage them)
Increased viewable area of the SRAW
Changed gravity works on LGMs so you have a better chance to reacquire a lost lock
Reduced blast area of LGMs (more effective countermeasures)
Improved railgun accuracy to make up for previously decreased blast radius

These are changes in this patch:

Squad Obliteration
Siege of Shanghai: Adjustments to the combat area
Premium & Phantom program debug tool
Added indicators (for per player debugging) to the pause menu (bottom left corner). If you have issues with not getting assignments unlocked, premium content etc – this is where we’d start looking at your player data.
Reticule & Hitmarker customization
Added preview for hitmarkers, vehicle 1p & 3p reticles in the advanced options screen
New improved vehicle 3p reticle
Added vehicle 1p & 3p scaling option
AEK decreased FSM and increased recoil
ACE23 reloads and ammo capacity corrected
Changed the ammo box to not supply soldiers taking damage (or being supressed) and later until after 1.5 second cooldown
We are unsure about this one (severly). For consistency.


We are in the process of looking for alternate third party solutions to the CTE forums that better suits the onslaught of feedback and bug reports we are getting. In the meanwhile we have as you can see cleaned up the forums significantly – and we will continue to improve here until we can swap them out.

To report a bug, open the forums and pick the proper forum and report within.
If you have feedback on a prototype, open the prototype forum and post inside, and if you got general feedback not related to a specific prototype – report it in the general thread.

Information Library » CTE » Community Test Environment » Initiative #3: CTE Prototypes (– Patch #15 (155508))
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